The RAAS Group has been a part of the real estate industry since 2002 and has evolved to be one of the largest Management Rights specialists in Australia. But we are so much more than just specialists.

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Meet the team

Robert Collins

Robert Collins

Director, Management Rights

I am Robert Collins, an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Marketing. My journey began with a degree in Management, specializing in Marketing. Since 2003, I’ve held a full Real Estate Agent license and am also qualified as a Justice of the Peace.
For nearly two decades, I led international breweries for Heineken and Warsteiner before returning to Australia. In 2003, I made a significant move by purchasing three high-rise towers at Dockside Management Rights, which at the time was one of the largest privately owned Management Rights businesses in Brisbane. Alongside my wife, we successfully managed the business for three years.
Transitioning into selling Management Rights for RAAS,
I’ve garnered extensive experience over the past 17 years. Having sold over 500 Management Rights businesses, I currently oversee 109 Managers running Management Rights businesses that I’ve facilitated. My expertise spans off -the-plan developments, as well as both large and small-scale Management Rights businesses, including some of Brisbane’s iconic buildings like Hamilton Harbour One & Two.
Among my notable transactions is the sale of Bellies, a nearly 300-room corporate Management Rights. My reputation for integrity and honesty precedes me, earning respect from both buyers and vendors. Professionals across various fi elds, including accountants, lawyers, valuers, and financiers, recognize me as a consummate professional.